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Oriya Purana

Sarala Dasa, the author of Sarala Mahabharata in Oriya also contributed a number of other works of importance like Sapta Kanda Ramayana, Chandi Purana, Valmiki Ramayana, Malasri Janana and Mahalakshmi Vrata. All these manuscripts have already been collected by the museum. The compositions of Sarala Das in 15th century have established Oriya as a rich language. Mahabharata written by Krishna Simha, Purusottama Dasa, Jagannatha Dasa and Kapileswar Nanda are also the valuable acquisitions of the section.

Like Mahabharata, Ramayana the other great epic of India has also become widely popular in Odisha after it was made available in Oriya language and scripts through the efforts of Balarama Dasa immediately after Sarala Dasa and Maheswar Dasa, Krishna Chandra Rajendra, Krishna Chandra Patnaik, Kesava Tripathy, purusottam Dasa, Ram Krushna Rath and others in the subsequent periods.

Bhagavata Purana was translated by Jagannatha Dasa and has become the Bible of Oriya people. He completed this work in the Jagannatha temple before the advent of Sri Chaitanya in Puri. His mastery over Sanskrit literature enabled him to translate this work into a. very lucid and simple style. We have several copies of this masterly work in our collection.

The works of Bhagavata Lahari, Harivamsa, Padma purana, Adhyatmya Ramayana, Nrusimgh Purana by Achyutana nda, Mahadeva Dasa, Haladhara Dasa, Nilambara Dasa, Pitambara Dasa, are also a few unique acquisitions of the section.