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Illustrated palmleaf and articles of interest

The illustrated manuscripts add a ver, important and brilliant chapter in the history c.4 pictorial art in Odisha. These illustrated manuscripts usually relate to two classes of manuscripts palmleaf and paper manuscripts of which palm-leaf manuscripts are of earlier date. But unfortunately such palm-leaf manuscripts earlier than the 17th century A.D. have not yet been acquired by the museum so far. The paper manuscripts which we possess in the section are mostly of 19th century A.D. The Descriptive Catalogue of Illustrated Palm-leaf Manuscripts has already been published.

The Odisha State Museum has got a good collection of such illustrated manuscripts and a few of these are under display in the manuscripts gallery. Two of such manuscripts, namely, Amarustakam and Vidagdha Madhava Nataka, were displayed in the exhibition of the 26th International Congress of Orientalists. Among others Ushavilasha, Gitagovinda, Chitra Kavya Bandhodaya and Chausathi Rati Bandha enhance the beauty of the section. Paintings on Dasavatara are notable. Ushavilash, Gitagovinda and some bamboo leaf manuscripts of Gitagovinda etc. were exhibited in the Frankfurt Book Exhibition in the year 2006 which have got a wide appreciation.