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Jain Antiquities

Like Buddhist and Brahmanical sculptures, the State of Odisha was once rich in Jaina antiquities. We have traces of those relics seen in Jeypore and Nandapur of Koraput district: Bhubaneswar, Puri, Kakatpur in Puri district; Cuttack town, Pratapnagari, Chaudwar, Tigiria, Jajpur of Cuttack district; Anandapur area of Keonjhar district; Charampa, Ayodhya, Martasol of Balasore district and Khiching, Baripada. Badasahi of Mayurbhanj district. Besides the State Museum, the Khiching and Baripada branch Museums preserve a number of Jaina sculptures. Except in Udayagiri and Khandagiri where we find a large number of caves, inscriptions, relief sculptures executed at the instance of Emperor Kharavela, in other areas we find only loose sculptures of Tirthankaras either buried underground or worshipped by the followers of other religions. During this short period, a number of such stray sculptures have been collected from Charampa in Bhadrak district and Podasingidi in Keonjhar district.