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Jain Tirthankaras of Podasingidi

Podasingidi is an important archaeological site in the dense forest of the Baula hill ranges in Anandapur Subdivision of Keonjhar district. Out of many, only two Risabhanath sculptures have been brought from the site and they are now under display in the first hall of the Archaeological gallery.

The second Tirthankara figure too is a standing Risabhanatha. Over the head of this figure is the umbrella. Its hair on the head are arranged in Jata, two of which are running up to the shoulders. It has the halo behind head and on either side at the top are carved figures of Gandharvas with garlands in hands. Above the pedestal are his attending Chauri bearers, Bharat and Bahuvali. His pedestal is supported by two spirited lions and bull, the lanchana of the Tirthankara is placed at the centre of the pedestal. The entire piece measures 2'=614"X1'=5". Like the previous one it dates back to the 8th century A.D.