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Sl. No. Gallery No. of Artifacts Materials Period
1 Archaeology 237 Stone 3rd Century B.C. to 13th Century A.D.
2 Armoury 209 Iron steel, animal skin 3rd Century B.C. to 13th Century A.D.
3 Manuscripts 37,273 Palmleaf, Kumbhi barkbhurja, balakala (Bakala)birch bark, ivory old paper & bamboo leaf 15th Century A.D. to 20th Century A.D. Abhinabha Geetagovinda 1493
4 Bronze 100 Bronze 8th Century A.D. to 19th Century A.D.
5 Painting 239 Patta Contemporary
6 Art & Craft 1,260 Wood, ivory golden, brass, horn, terracotta, textile, lacquer, mate, cowdung, soap stone, cane, & bamboo silver.  
7 Epigraphy a) 115 

b) 24
Copper plate Stone 3rd Century A.D. to 13th Century A.D.
8 Numismatics 12,882 Gold, silver punch marked, copper and other metals 6th Century B.C. to 19 Century A.D.
9 Natural History 500 Stufed birds, mammals, reptile & skeletons. Contemporary
10 Anthropology 2,566 Stone, copper, bronze, iron, gold, silver, brass bell metal, aluminium, horn, leaf, wood, grass, cowrie, libre, bronze, clay, gourd, leather, tribal musical instruments. 50,000 B.C. to 20th Century A.D.
11 Antiquities at Central Store 890 Archaeological, art object, anthropological objects etc. for research purpose.  
  TOTAL 56,375    

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