List of Recent Publications of Odisha State Museum

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List of Recent Publications of Odisha State Museum

Introduction:The Odisha State Museum has brought out a series of monographs, edited works, a quarterly journal entitled the Odisha Historical Research Journal, Guide Books and Pamphlets which disseminate knowledge on cultural exhibits and the activities of the Museum. There is a full-fledged editorial wing attached to the Directorate of Culture which is engaged in editing numerous ancient unpublished texts available in the State Museum.


This illustrated Manuscript (Cat No-EXT-166) of 1668 C.A.D accompanied by Dhananjaya's Nutana Sarvanga Sundari commentary, the illustrations of this manuscript are very fine, artistic and embody the excellence of Odishan Painting tradition. Having been exhibited in Germany's Frankfurt Book Festival it has won accolade from all over the world. This manuscript along with illustrations, slokas and their gloss, rendering into English with diacritical marks and above all the captions of Illustrations has been published by Odisha State Museum.

3 .  Descriptive Catalogue of Illustrated Manuscripts - Ed. Dr. B. L. Malla

Odisha State Museum is exceedingly exuberant in Palmleaf Manuscript collection. It has preserved more than four hundred painted/illustrated palmleaf manuscripts. Of these, the most important ones are Gitagovinda, Amarusataka, Chausathi Ratibandha, Ushavilasa, Bidagdha Madhava etc. These manuscripts have been very scientifically preserved in the manuscript gallery of State Museum. This book which is first of its kind in the State Museum as well as in Odisha will be a beckon light for higher and in-depth research for the general public and scholars all over the globe.

4 .  Usha Abhilasha - Ed. Dr. B. L. Malla

The State Museum of Odisha enjoys a unique place in the country as the store house of rare manuscripts. In this publication, besides elucidating the text, also offers a critique on the pictures on the palmleaf thereby fulfilling a holistic commentary on Ushavilasa with critical notes and also with English Translation. It will be also benefit of the English-speaking people.

5 .  Passion on Palmleaf - Ed. Dr. B. L. Malla

In this publication, Art lovers connoisseurs and critics alike have been stunned by the display of a mode of art that is rich and textured as it has been sourced from the core of being. We wish primarily to discern not the Poet's butthe painter's intentions and achievements.

6 .  Flora and Fauna in Palmleaf Panorama - Ed. Dr. B. L. Malla

Flora and fauna are pristine creation from which the human civilization has evolved. Genetically and emotionally, man is intricately connected with these wonderful entities, considered as integral part of nature. The plant kingdom (Flora) with numerous trees, shrubs, herbs, creepers, ferns and aquatic plants of varied shapes and sizes make the environment aesthetically resplendent with foliage, flowers and fruits of myriad hues, as also the animal kingdom (fauna) with mammals, avian, aquatics, amphibians, reptiles, insects, bees, beetles and butterflies. These natural elements have formed the core of ancient literary compositions, which are basically composed in this publication.